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Barbary restoration blog

The Barbary restoration has commenced in March 2022. The plan is to restore her to her days of glory and recapture the hundred years of history and tradition that have suffused her decks. Every bit of her elegant frame has a tale to tell… from mast to keel, from bow to stern.

Join us and sail back in time as we resurrect the long history and rich heritage of one of our most beloved maritime treasures.

Born on the sunny shores of California in 1926, the Barbary has sailed around the world, returning to New Zealand, the home of her kauri-built heart, in 1947. She has seen plenty of action… from swashbuckling adventure with previous owner Errol Flynn to sailing with the Rainbow Warrior in the Greenpeace fleet to voyaging to the Muroroa Atoll to protest nuclear testing in 1973. She’s had her share of peace and beauty too, sailing right here on our very own Lake Taupō. The Barbary has seen and done it all.

Follow us as her journey continues and we craft future adventures together.



Barbary lifted

March 2022

Start of the journey to have her on the lake by 2026 when she will be 100 years old. Barbary is craned onto the truck for relocation to its restoration site.

We will post links to youtube so you see actual footage of the restoration.

June 2022

She is now scaffolded and shrink wrapped. The inside has been stripped. The deck may be replaced - Glyn is coming to see Barbary II have her deck replaced this week. It's a huge job stripping the teak off.

August 2022

Work under the shrink wrap has been steady with old owner Bill Dawson a regular contributor. A large section of the hull exterior has been soda blasted. The ribs near the keel are being made by Glyn in his steaming device!


Glyn gets deep into the bowels of the boat and discovers more work.

December - June

Stripping the hull and replacing many planks on the port side. Sill a long way before it is glassed and painted.

A boat builder from Hutchesons in Tauranga has been employed.