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Taupo's New Lakefront Corner Development

Taupo's new Atea/Public Space and roading layout

Taupo has closed off a corner near town for the public to enjoy and redirected cars.

If you are coming to Taupo along your usual route then you are in for a surprise. Work has been completed to redevelop the corner of Tongariro St and where it meets Ruapehu St. I would recommend you detour up Spa Road and come into town by Ruapehu or Titiraupenga St for a faster way to get to the shops, favourite café, petrol station or Bach. 

You can access the Boat Harbour where Sail Barbary or Kakariki is located by Redoubt St, Story Place or Ferry Road.

The bonus for Taupo is a fantastic new atea or gathering place which we can all enjoy. Outside bars and cafes spill out onto beautiful green spaces with fabulous views down the lake of our majestic mountains. 

The central atea has a striking traditionally carved pou in the centre with 13 sculptures of our waterways that enter the lake.