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Health and Safety

Pre board safety check.

It is important to be aware of things that may happen while you are enjoying our experience. Before you book take the time to read through. Please be at the boat 15 minutes before departure to hear the safety briefing.

Identified Risks


We monitor the weather forecast every day

  • Strong or gusty wind/rain. Cancelation/refund/reschedule of fare if conditions are deemed unsafe by supervisor/management.  Alternative boat option.

Wear suitable clothing for the season.

  • Summer: Sun hats and sunglasses are recommended. Sunscreen is necessary.
    Winter: Ponchos, blankets, hats and gloves are available inside the cabin.

Boat hazards

  • Moving Parts: Caution with all moving parts on the boat, this includes ropes, pulleys, winches.
  • Boom: Keep your head down when the tacking. 
  • Heeling boat: Brace yourself against the side of the boat. Skipper will assess customers while sailing for comfort.
  • Man Overboard: If someone falls overboard yell “man overboard”, life rings are at the helm of the boat.

Customer Safety

  • Life jackets: These are available for all ages or size person if you require one ask the Skipper. 
    Swimming: This is into deep water and is an optional activity. A ladder is used to get back onto the boat. Children are permitted to swim with a designated adult in the water with them. 
  • Alcohol: Intoxicated guests will not be permitted on the boat (as per out liquor license)
  • Children: Parents must supervise their children. The Skipper oversees the boat.
  • Hot Drinks: Take care handling hot drinks while under sail. 
  • Bring your own water/drink bottles. (refer blog Eco Friendly company)