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Sailing Lake Taupo: Eco-Friendly


100% emissions free since 2011

Our Vision is to provide each and every customer that comes out on our vessels with an experience so exceptional that they step off the boat with a Cheshire grin and knowledge we have taken the steps necessary to protect our Lake.

Our commitment to protecting Taupo Moana (Lake Taupo) is fundamentally engrained in everything we do. Our aroha (love) for the fantastic area we are lucky enough to live and work in, provides our devotion to use Taupo Moana responsibility; continuing to sustain the wellbeing of local people, flora and fauna – we are dedicated to making this wonderful area of the world safe and vibrant for future generations – Kaitiake.

At Sail Barbary we believe that Lake Taupo and the surrounding area is one of the best places on the planet. We are extremely proud of our sustainable efforts to reduce our impact on the environment in everything we do.

We consciously work on being as environmentally friendly as possible, from reducing package waste to using environmentally friendly cleaning products and bio-degradable cups, plates, napkins etc on board, through to replacing a noisy, smelly fossil-fuel driven engines in our vessels with eco-friendly electric engines.

We manage our usage of all resources as this helps reduce our carbon footprint and be 100% emissions free.

We are conscientious and passionate about being clean and green and leaving beautiful Great Lake Taupo pristine. By having the eco-friendly electric engines we’re enhancing the romance and magic of our pristine environment.

Electric Engines

Barbary was fully refurbished in 2011 and after a very short time running her the decision to go electric to meet a clean, green future head on was made.

The Sail Barbary fleet expanded in 2016 with the addition of Agathis (AKA Barbary II), and the conversion to electric before she began her career as a commercially operated yacht.

Barbary & Agathis are the only two commercially run electric yachts in NZ.

No-one wants to turn on the engine in a sailing ship – its disturbs the peace and offends the ear, but every sailor knows it’s inevitable. There is a sacred atmosphere on Lake Taupo, with pristine mountain backdrop and crystal-clear waters (which serve as Taupo’s drinking water supply) and the quiet eco engines have enhanced the sailing experience second to none. The best way to do this, was to go for an all-electric engine system.

Sail Barbary’s yachts now produce no noise or pollution and take passengers back to the core reason for boating & yachting – to relax, commune with nature and enjoy at a leisurely pace.

The yachts can now take their planned route to a schedule regardless of wind direction, but maintaining no noise or fumes and with a clear conscience. Lake Taupo is one of NZs wonders and being able to operate a clean wake policy on its enclosed waters sits well with us and all who share it.

Refitting and re-powering with eco-friendly electric engines was not cheap, but the result is something that is so worth it. The engine and the entire Sail Barbary operation is as eco-friendly as possible – no noise, no smells, no pollution, no vibrations, and definitely no regrets.



The difference after the conversion is measurable. 

Topping up the batteries is never a concern as Barbary is tied up and connected to Taupo’s renewable and sustainable shore power every night.


If you are interested in further information about our Electric Engines, why not book a trip and come and see them for yourself?

Eco Sailing

New Zealand's only two commercially operated electric yachts

Eco Sailing