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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know when sailing with us

Where do I board and depart the boat?

All Sail Barbary cruises board and depart at Berths 9 & 10, Redoubt St, Taupō Boat Harbour, Taupō

How often do you sail?

Sail Barbary sails at least twice daily, all year round (except Christmas day)

Do I need sailing experience?

No. We sail with guests who have never sailed, some who never even been on a boat before. We are in complete control of the experience and will take excellent care of you. If you prefer more adventure, then come aboard when the wind is up and enjoy sailing without salty sea spray and noisy outboard motors

What are the benefits of Barbary’s electric engine?

We are equipped for all conditions – if the wind dies down, our quiet, eco-friendly electric engine kicks in. For times when we need to motor, our yachts produce no pollution and move noiselessly through the water without the heat, vibration and fumes that accompany conventionally powered vessels. We strive to deliver the best eco-friendly and natural Kiwi experience – one cruise at a time!

Why choose you over the other tour boats?

Sail Barbary is a unique and authentic experience. We have a passion for sustainability and tell our journey to 100% sustainability by being NZ's first electric yachts. We the perfect way to showcase this beautiful part of New Zealand all-year-round, and our TripAdvisor reviews reflect this. Our passion for our unique boats, what we do, the regeneration of great lake we operate on and the awesome town in which we live are second to none – we want to share our passion with you!

What about the weather?

On the lake, Mother Nature ensures that every trip is different. Each season can bring different conditions. Sometimes the sailing is easy, sometimes it rains, sometimes there’s not enough wind for us to use the sails and we use our quiet eco-friendly electric engines instead (no noise and no fumes). No matter the conditions we pride ourselves on delivering an amazing experience and it always works out great.

Will I get wet?

There’s always the possibility that a rain shower might arrive. We suggest that you bring a shower-proof jacket. However, we have custom-made fleece-lined water-proof ponchos available for use on board, and you can also go below decks in the cabin for a while. If heavy rain is forecast, we are unlikely to sail. We also sometimes experience a shower of (freshwater) spray when we are sailing along. This can be quite a lot of fun, but we don’t overdo it!

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, but we recommend that you tell us if you can’t swim. We might ask you to wear a life vest while on deck during sailing. We have never had anyone fall over the side and we are not about to start!

What do I need to bring?

Layered clothing and appropriate comfortable shoes, shower/wind-proof jacket, swimwear & towel (summer only), sun cream, hat, and sunglasses. Don't forget your camera!

How can I book?

Book online through our website, or you can call us at 0800 eco sail.